Wear Canada Goose Jakcte to see Aurora!

My Canada Goose is last year’s new Victoria version of dark red. Then buy when its appearance and the old it’s not a big difference, but my friend found the pockets are cotton, that old single Pocket than he has improved. In Victoria the title short, this place of my heart. Color I saw at a glance, dark red large red coat looks better than old. I don’t like long coat and short stature. Who says wearing a coat, no waistline, Canada Goose kensington parka┬ádo not obvious?

I travel in much of North America, Canada Goose sale online followed me around, I travel a good helper! I wore it last Christmas to Yellowknife to see the Aurora Borealis. Its warm, stylish taste, allows me to fully present at low temperature in the outdoor and travel.

Although generally in Yellowknife Aurora travel agency is a Canada Goose Parka rentals, but I think it doesn’t fit, but my Canada is cold all year round, coat it is necessary, went ahead and bought a pass through. My friends and peers are wearing their own Goose coats, more fit than tours provide, novel style, forcing the natural high. The color of our clothes also goes very well, he was Army Green I is dark red. Please call our Goose Pair~
Goose’s performance in more than 30 degrees below zero! Canada goose women parka is Joker, boots equipped with feet jeans, skinny jeans, legging, is both simple and stylish, never wrong. If leather pants and Blundstone ankle boots are perfect! Ultimate is the most magical combination is wearing stockings on the leggings and boots or snow boots. This is the only North American girl will match as if they liked the Scottish wind long wool into stockings showing out of the boots. The following legend, over snow boots, very layered, long legs.

canada goose jacket sale

Warm, stylish;
High degree of identification;
Coyote fur is very substantial, is one of my favorites ~

I this is galling, not buttons, easy to stick the clothes, not too easy;
When it is very cold, short leg cold;
You, HA HA, is a pair?